Meet The Artist

Hello visitors!

My name is Lauren and I am an artist from California.

Growing up in the cooler weather of the Bay Area, from a very young age, I developed an interest in putting pencil to paper to keep myself entertained. Once I started I just couldn’t stop, always wanting to experiment with what I drew and how I drew it. Over the course of time, I began to experiment with creative mediums such as acrylic painting, pen & ink, pastels, and sharpening those basic graphite pencil skills that I had once started out with. The basics were one thing to perfect, but once I began to master those, the real fun began. Through a number of classes, independent studying, and constant practice, I found myself using those fundamental skills to focus my broad interests into a subject in which I am passionate to pursue my future career.

Now, a college graduate and having completed my undergraduate degree in Art Practice, I hope to pursue that passion in the industry of Conceptual Art and Animation.

Why Conceptual Art?

Conceptual art is the one time in which we catch a glimpse into how an artist thinks and works through the ideas in his or her head. As viewers, we seem to only focus on the end product and conceptual art is something that is the complete opposite: the work in progress state. This process of development is something which I love to study in the numerous art books and resources available.

This is the meeting place of some of my best original artwork through the most recent years. There is some of everything here from classical practices to my own creative solutions, to ideas which I brewed in my head at various points in time. From original character designs to the fully rendered still life drawings, I hope to provide an insight into my artistic abilities which I will continue to refine in the many years to come.

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