My Current Inspirations

Below is a list of current artists who play a part in my creations:

Brittney Lee

Brittney Lee has inspired me in so many ways, but mainly in her cut-paper layering technique; something I find to be unparalleled by any other artist.

Claire Keane

Claire Keane has mastered the art of quick fluidity in her drawings, a skill that I continue to perfect in my own art.

Amy Mebberson

Amy Mebberson uses popular subjects to get her artwork noticed and also illustrates one of my favorite online comics: “The Pocket Princesses”.

James Silvani

Similar to Mebberson, James Silvani uses popular subjects in his comic book style art. It is his mastery of gray-scale comic book art which I find interesting.

David Garibaldi

David Garabaldi’s technique is unlike any other. His use of larger than life canvases and unorthodox way of painting and performance to create his art pieces are among some of the most interesting works I’ve ever seen.

Barry Johnson

Barry Johnson is the perfect example of  a story artist; loose lines which are thick and purposeful give his art a sense of permanence. This is a concept I always try to achieve when working with ink.

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